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The February Brain Food Edition

Well January is well and truly over. How are we all doing? I’m not big on New Year’s Resolutions but if you planned to have started or achieved certain things by now don’t worry if you haven’t. If you have, awesome! Keep at it.

Let’s get into it shall we. It’s brain time. Here are a few positive pointers to keep you, or help get you, on the focused path of self actualisation. Feb seems like a good time to cover this.

  • Brain fry. Accept you may be a loser right now. If you feel like a loser, you act like a loser. Then you probably are a loser. But don’t worry! No I mean it. Stop worrying. As soon as you do, you free up a load of mental energy to focus on getting yourself out of your loser rut by actually sitting down with yourself and figuring out what you want.

  • Brain overload. If it stinks, chuck it. lame ass boyfriend or girlfriend still around? Shitty friends or family members? Your love for them still strong so you can’t get away? Spend one conversation objectively ‘smelling’ them, listen to what they say, observe how they treat you, observe how you feel around them…and if they stink, well…Chuck or at least distance yourself as much as you can. Problematic people are an unnecessary weight to your load. And the longer you hang around them the more their stink will rub off on you. Then you’ll stink too! Same applies to jobs, tasks, and activities. Clear the mental clutter. If it stinks, chuck it!

  • Brain brain time. Be self absorbed without being an asshole. Yes it is possible! Sometimes focusing solely on what you need and want is good for you. Though there is the risk of coming across as a selfish prick. If you need ‘me’ time but don’t want to lose friends and lovers along the way, just don’t make any promises of commitment while you’re at it. As you will probably not be able to honour your promise while you’re working on yourself. That way you avoid being an asshole, grow as a person and maintain important relationships all at the same time!

  • Brain release. Let it go and don’t think about it. If that thing you want doesn’t happen now, it doesn’t mean it won’t happen later. Perhaps it hasn’t finished its orbit around the earth yet and will reach you shortly. Yes it’s an asshole for taking so long but there is truly nothing you can do about it. By accepting you are without it you accomplish a win win. If it does arrive you are all the merrier, if it doesn’t, you’ve not lost out as you’ve been content without it.

  • Brain Clear. Be that lazy bastard. It’s okay to lie in and sleep for days. Do nothing. Let yourself be. Be that lazy bastard that’s buried under all those unnecessary tasks that ‘need’ to be done. Lets face it. More than half the stuff you think you need to do you don’t need to do. It’s just fluff to distract you from your self hatred ( a result of not doing the things you actually want to do). So stop. Rest up and rest well ( the point of which is to empty that overstimulated brain of yours) then get up and you’ll find that you can do the things that actually matter to you with energy and gusto.

  • Brain food. Inspiration time. Travel inspires and feeds the mind and heart. It expands one’s idea of what is possible. So don’t travel to go on a holiday, travel to feed yourself. If you’re thinking “but I just got back from a trip” stuff it! If you’re in a job you hate, quit and travel some more. It’s the beginning of the year! Perfect time to discover what you truly want! If you’re unable to travel, then read with purpose. Take your imagination on a trip to find inspiration.

  • Brain reboot. Enter the matrix. In nature we become part of something greater than ourselves. We tap into the quiet yet ever present force that runs all of us. Life. An image I alway refer back to in my mind is that of the mountain tops of Yosemite. After a 6 hour climb in 40 degree heat in the dead of summer I reached the top of Yosemite Falls. Sat myself down by the cliffs edge in the shade and took in my surroundings. I saw rows upon rows of snow capped peaks, felt the breeze cool my face, heard the birds and my friends laughing in the distance, felt the sweat on my skin, the cool stone under me… after a few moments of sitting in silent observation I felt as if I became part of the rock face. Just another quiet observer, living through the ages. I realised in that moment that I had connected to the eternal, deeply resonating vibration that we call life force. I also realised in that moment that I could stay connected with it all the time, even when not in a holiday buble, I just needed to learn how… While we are all learning how, it certainly helps to get out of town and get intouch with untouched nature and give ourselves a little reboot.

Happy February brain time everyone.



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