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Jovana Miletic is a Serbian born, Australian grown professional actress and voice over artist who works with companies internationally in the fields of theatre, film, T.V. and media production.  She is a former classical ballet dancer, published writer, theatre director, and lifelong avid traveller. 

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Jovana Miletic is an acting graduate from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA). She holds a BA in Arts from the University of New England and is a credited classical ballet dancer, having completed her Solo Seal in the Russian classical ballet syllabus.

In theatre, Jovana’s credits include a host of independent, festival and main stage theatre productions, plays ranging from the classics to the contemporary. 

Her screen credits range across accredited short films and international features. Jovana has collaborated on projects in the UK, Australia and Serbia to date. 

Her interests also spread into directing, having directed for theatre and film. Hobbies include collaborations with musicians for her spoken word poetry, under the alias Joja Penrose.


BA Arts University of New England

Advanced Diploma in Acting Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA)

Solo Seal The Edward Borowansky Memorial Ballet Academy

HSC McDonald College of Performing Arts

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As You Like It with Black Swan State Theatre Company, 17 May to 1 June 2014

“So I was a little wary of Rosalind (Jovana Miletic) and Celia (the sweet, spirited Grace Smibert) as BFF schoolgirls. They are bright young things, to be sure but the journey they must make from their giggles and shy glances at the court to Rosalind's transcendent wisdom and grace in the forest is formidable.
I needn't have worried. This Rosalind may be younger, and more coltish, than I imagine her to be, but Miletic is gorgeous, unfailingly authentic and self-possessed throughout. (I don't want to be a jinx, but there is something of Cate Blanchett about her.)

David Zampatti

“The play is packed with minor, undeveloped characters (from the pointless neg Jaques to the simpleton William), which only makes Jovana Miletic’s performance as the delightful, cross-dressing Rosalind more enjoyable. Lively, charming and sweet, Miletic is the star of the show. Embodying her character completely, the show drags when she is not on stage to drive the action”

Samuel J. Cox,

“As You Like It stands or falls on the strengths of its Rosalind, and a willowy Jovana Miletic utterly convinces with her take on “how fathom deep I am in love”.

Victoria Laurie

“Duke Senior’s schoolgirl daughter, Rosalind (Jovana Miletic – superb)”

Gordon the Optom

“Rosalind is the only female main character in the Shakespearean canon, and she has more lines than any other woman in his entire oeuvre…Miletic did more than justice to the role. She is a fine addition to the company, and I hope she will remain with them for a while”

Carol Flavell Neist

“There are a number of outstanding performances…the invigorating ease with the language of Jovana Miletic (Rosalind) and Grace Smibert (Celia) is a delight to watch”

Brendan Foster



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